ISO DIN Metric Bolts and Screws Nomenclature

ISO DIN Metric Bolts and Screws Nomenclature:
Bolts :
Carriage Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Flange Bolts, Flat Slotted Cap Screw, Hex Lag Screws, Plow Bolts, Step Bolts
Machine Screws :
Combination Drive, Phillips, Slotted, Torx, Unslotted
Cap Screws :
Grade 2, Grade 5 A325 NC, Grade Canada/USA NC, Grade 5 Canada/USA NF, Grade 8 Canada/USA NC, Grade 8 Canada/USA NF.

Set Screws Terminology Diagram

Set Screws Terminology Diagram: Slotted, hexagonal socket, fluted socket, cone point, flat point, oval point, cup point, full dog point, half dog point.

Bolts and Screws Variation by Heads and Points Terminology

Bolts and Screws Variation by Heads and Points Terminology: Hexagonal head American Bold, flat head Machine Bolt, countersunk head, Machine Bolt, Hanger Bolt, Carriage Bolt, oval neck Carriage Bolt, oval head Strut Bolt, Lag Screw Or Lag Bolt, full American Standard Heavy Nuts, jam American Standard Heavy Nuts, full American Standard Regular Nuts, jam American Standard Regular Nuts, flat Stove Bolts, round Stove Bolts, Wing Nut, full American Standard Light Nuts, jam American Standard Light Nuts, Cap Nut, Machine Screw Nuts, Castellated Nut, Knurled Nut,hexagonal head, flat head Capscrews, socket head, Knurled Screw, flat Machine Screws, round Machine Screws, oval Machine Screws, fillister Machine Scrwes, truss Machine Screws, flat Wood Screws, round Wood Screws, oval Wood Screw, square Set Screws, headless slotted Set Screws, socket type Set Screws, Thumb Srew, countersunk Finishing Washer, tap end Stud, Threaded Rod.

ISO Metric Internal and External Thread Design Profiles

ISO metric internal and external thread design profiles: In Practice The Root is Rounded, ISO Design (Basic) Profile, Major Diameter, Minor Diameter, Rouded Root, Internal Thread, External Thread, Picth Diameter.

Thread Identification by Standardized Symbols

Thread Identification by Standardized Symbols: 3/4-16UNF-2A, 1/2-13UNC-2ALH, 3/4-10NC-3 triple, 3/8-24UNF-2B, #10-32NF-22 holes, 5/16 drill-0.94 to 1.00 deep90-C’SKto 0.4-0.42 diameter.

Cross View of Common Types of Fasteners and Nomenclature

Cross View of Common Types of Fasteners and Nomenclature: bolt, stud, cap screw, machine screw, set screw.

Screw Threads Cross View and Nomenclature

Common Screw Threads Cross View and Nomenclature: Sharp V, rounded or flat, Unified, Whitworth, modified square 10″ included angle, ACME, B & S worm, modified buttress not standard, knuckle, Dardelet.

Common Cap Screws Cross View and Nomenclature

Common Cap Screws Cross View and Nomenclature: socket head (hexagonal), socket head (fluted), fillister head (slotted), hexagonal head, round head (slotted), flat head (slotted).

Standard (Briggs) Taper Pipe Thread Nomenclature

Standard (Briggs) Taper Pipe Thread Nomenclature: Normal Engagement by Hand, Thread Taper 1″ in 16″ measured on diameter, Imperfect threads due to chamfer on die, wrench makeup length, effective thread length, overall length of external thread, pipe outside diameter.

Common Screw Thread Diagram & Nomenclature

Common Screw Thread Diagram & Nomenclature: Crest, Root, Pitch, Depth, Thread Angle, Minor Diameter, Pitch Diameter, Major Diameter.

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