JVC GY-HD100U Camcorder Parts Exploded Diagram

Seven pictures depict JVC Camcorder type GY-HD100U teardown diagram in various major views: Cabinet, Chassis, Handle, Mechanism, LCD, Right Side Cover & VF.
Exploded Diagram of Cabinet Assy

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Exploded Diagram of Chassis Assy

Exploded Diagram of Handle Assy

Exploded Diagram of Mechanism Assy

Exploded Diagram of LCD Assy

Exploded Diagram of Right Side Cover Assy

Exploded Diagram of VF Assy

Olympus Camedia C-5060 Wide Zoom Digital Camera Exploded View Diagram

Pictures and descriptions of teardown diagram/ exploded view diagram of Olympus Wide Zoom Camedia C-5060

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Front Side Exploded View diagram of Olympus Camedia C-5060

Front Side and LCD Teardown Diagram of Olympus Camedia C-5060

Small Parts Exploded View Diagram Inside the Olympus Camedia C-5060 Digital Camera

Konica Minolta Dynax D7 Digital SLR Camera Terminology Diagram

Konica Minolta Dynax D7 Digital SLR Camera Front View Terminology Diagram:

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Konica Minolta Dynax D7 Digital SLR Camera Bottom and Top Angle View Terminology Diagram:

Autoboy EPO 35mm Compact Camera Nomenclature (Front)

Front View Nomenclature of 35mm Canon’s camera dubbed as Autoboy EPO, SURE SHOT Z90W, or PRIMA SUPER 90 WIDE:

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Nissin Power Pack PS300 Terminology

Nissin Power Pack PS300 Terminology:

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Canon LC-3 Receiver Terminology

Canon LC-3 Receiver Terminology:
Mount:- Insert Into camera accessory shoo, that the white mark faces the back of the camera.
- Rotates 360″.
3-pin connecting cord & plug (cord length 40cm)
To connect, insert into camera remote socket
Cannot be removed from feceiver
Mounting Screw
Display lamp (Red) Light, blinks, or turns off In response to a signal received when the main switch is turned ON or the transmitter button Is pressed. Battery check display : When the main switch is moved from OFF to ON or I SR.
Lights after approx. 1 sec.-> battery OK
Lights after approx.1 sec., then blinks or does not light at all -> battery low
Channel switch A, B, C : Determines communication channel between transmitter and receiver. Transmitter and receiver must use the same setting.
Battery Cover (hiiden from this view)
Rear Section View :
Main switch
* ON; Normal position while receiver is in use.
* 1SR: One step release, uses SW-2 signal only
* OFF: Power OFF
Receiving Beam Window.

Canon Battery Pack BP-300 Terminology & Nomenclature

Protective Cover, Electrical contacts, Slot for camera’s battery compartment cover, Guide pin, Vertical-grip shutter button ON/OFF switch, Vertical-grip AE look button, Battery compartment cover, Battery compartment cover latch, Battery compartment, Attachment screw, Vertical-grip shutter button, Hand strap eyelet, Tripod socket, Attachment collar, Battery compartment spacer.

Cutaway View of Film Camera

Cutaway View of Film Camera:
Lens, Mirrior, Self timer, Rewind knob, Prism, View finder, Film speed scale, Film advance, Shutter release.

Sony A850 Digital Camera Identification Diagram

Sony A850 Digital Camera Identification Diagram:
Identifying parts and screen indicators See the pages in parentheses for details of operation
Front Side :
1. ISO button (72)
2. (Exposure) button (68)
3. DRIVE button (81)
4. Shutter button (47)
5. Front control dial (46.115)
6. AF illuminator (60)/Self-timer lamp (83)
7. Remote sensor (86)
8. Lens contacts*
9. Mirror*
10. Preview button (87)
11. Lens mount
12. (Display panel illumination) button (42)
13. Accessory shoe (63)
14. WB (White Balance) button (73)
15. Eyepiece shutter lever (83,86,148)
16. Mode dial (47, 49, 89)
17. (Flash sync) terminal (66)
18. Lens release button (21)
19. Focus mode lever (56,60)

Sony Bloggie Parts Diagram and Terminology

Sony Bloggie Parts Diagram and Terminology: Sony Bloggie Parts Diagram and Terminology: 1. Light; 2. Lens; 3. Hook for Wrist Strap; 4. LCD screen; 5. Function Buttons; 6. 3D/2D Button; 7. Movie/Enter Button, Multi-Selector Buttons; 8. Speaker; 9. Stereo Microphone; 10. On/Off (Power) Button; 11. Charge Lamp; 12. (Shutter) Button; 13. Tripod Receptacle; 14. HDMI Out Jack; 15. Jack Cover; 16. (USB) jack.

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