Liquid Propellant Rocket Cross View Diagram

Liquid Propellant Rocket Cross View Diagram

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Large Aircraft Components Diagrams

Large Aircraft Components Diagrams: Radome, Nose landing gear doors, Wing to body fairing, Cowl components, Pylon fairings, Carbon wheel brakes, Fixed leading edge and, trailing edge panels, Outboard and inboard spoilers, Outbord and inboard flaps, Flap fairings, Ailerons, Main landing gear doors and fairings, Furnishing and floor panels, Tailplane, Elevators, Rudder, Fin.

Bell Huey Helicopter Parts Diagram and Terminology

1. FM communications aerial
2. Two-bladed tail rotor
3. Laminated glassfibre blade skins
4. Honeycomb blade core
5. Blade root attachment joint
6. Pitch control linkage
7. Final drive right-angle gearbox
8. Tail rotor drive shaft
9. Tail rotor control cables
10. Tail pylon construction
11. Rotor protecting tailskid
12. VHF navigation aerial
13. Bevel drive gearbox
14. Dorsal spine fairing
15. Starboard all-moving tailplane construction
16. Tailplane torque shaft
17. Radio compass transmitter
18. Port-allmoving tailplane
19. Main rotor blade
20. Fixed tab
21. Glassfibre blade skins
22. Honeycomb core construction
23. Extruded aluminium blade spar
24. Leading edge anti-erosion strip, stainless steel
25. Tail rotor transmission shaft
26. Shaft bearings
27. Tailboom upper longeron
28. Tailboom frame and stringer construction
29. Lower longeron
30. Tailplane control linkage
31. Engine exhaust fairing
32. Ehaust nozzle
33. Jet pipe
34. Cooling air louvres
35. Anti-collision light
36. UHF aerial
37. Detachable engine cowling panels
38. Avco Lycoming T53-L-IIA turboshaft engine
39. Ignition control box
40. Accessory equipment gearbox
41. Engine bearer struts
42. Main engine mounting
43. Engine/gearbox mounting deck
44. Maintenance access step
45. Baggage Compartment
46. Baggage restraint net
47. Armament system electronics
48. XM-21 sub-system external stores pylon
49. Gun mounting adaptor
50. Swivellinggun mounting
51. M-134 Minigun, 0-30-in (7.62-mm) rotary machine gun
52. Gun drive motor
53. 2.75-in (7-cm) rocket launcher
54. Ammunition feed chute
55. Two 0.30-in (7.62-mm) machine guns
56. Guns swivelling mounting
57. Ammunition feed chutes
58. Detachable ground handling wheels
59. Wheel hydraulic jack
60. Landing skid rear strut
61. Maintenance access steps
62. Cabin combustion heater
63. Main fuel tank, port and starboard; total capacity 165 US gal (625 L)
64. Fuel filler cap
65. Sliding cabin door rail
66. Hydraulic oil reservoir
67. Maintenance step
68. Oil tank
69. Oil filler cap
70. Engine bay fireproof bulkhead
71. Gearbox oil sump
72. Main gearbox mounting
73. Rotor head control jacks
74. Main gearbox
75. Engine/gearbox shaft coupling
76. Engine intake guard
77. Annular air intake
78. Rotor head swashplate mechanism
79. Blade pitch control rods
80. Main rotor mast
81. SEmi-rigid rotor head
82. Blade counterweight
83. Rotor stabilising bar
84. Blade root attachment joints
85. Laminated joint stiffeners
86. Two-bladed main rotor
87. Rotor head fairing
88. Cooloing air intake
89. Cabin rear intake
90. Bulkhead sounproof trim panelling
91. Starboard sliding door panel
92. Ammuniyion feed chutes
93. External stores pylon
94. Pylon mounting struts
95. Landing skid
96. External cargo hook
97. Landing skid front strut
98. Starboard lower navigation light
99. Cabin side pilliar construction
100. Cabin floor panelling
101. Floor beam construction
102. Cargo lashing points
103. Ventral retractable landing lamp
104. Ammunition magazine
105. Starboard upper navigation light
106. Troop seating; seven seats, not fitted with armament installations
107. Anti-downwash cabin roof strake
108. DF loop aerial
109. Cabin ventillating air intake
110. Port upper navigation light
111. Cabin skin panelling
112. Cockpit eyebrow windows
113. Cockpit fresh air intake
114. VHF aerial
115. Overhead switch panel
116. Port inside sliding cabin door
117. Aft-facing troop seats
118. Pilot’s seat
119. Safety harness
120.Jettisonable crew door
121. Door latches
122. Seat mounting rails
123. Control system access panel
124. Cockpit Step
125. Door jettison mechanism
126. Cyclic pitch control coloumn
127. Collective pitch control lever
128. Centre control pedestal
129. Pilot’s retractable reflex sight
130. Co-pilot/gunner’s seat
131. Cyclic pitch control handgrip
132. Retractable XM-60 reflex sight
133. Port jettisonable crew door
134. Windscreen wipers
135. Windscreen panels
136. Instrument panel shroud
137. Instrument console
138. Stand-by compass
139. Footboards
140. Yaw control rudder pedals
141. Downward vision window
142. XM-5 40-mm grenade launcher
143. Detachable nose turret
144. Ammunition feed chute
145. FM homing aerials
146. Radio and avionics equipment bay
147. Nose compartment framing
148. Avionics compartment access panel
149. Pilot head.

Airplane engines Turbojet Diagram

Airplane engines Turbojet Diagram: Fairing, Fuel, Turbines, Exhaust Jet, Thrust Reverser, Combustion Chamber, High-Pressure Compressor, Low-Pressure Compressor, Inlet, Direction, Thrust, Working Fluid (Air).

Small Aircraft Components Diagrams

Small Aircraft Components Diagrams: Propeller, Engine compartment, Cabin, Wing, Left aileron, Left flap, Landing gear, Wing tip, Right aileron, Right flap, Fuselage, Elevator, Horizontal stabilizer, Fin, Rudder.

Basic Parts and Control Surfaces of an Airplane

Basic Parts and Control Surfaces of an Airplane: Propeller, Fuselage, Left wing, Left aileron, Left flap, Cockpit, Right wing, Right aileron, Right flap, Horizontal Stabilizer, Elevator, Vertical Stabilizer or vertical fin, Rudder.

Cutaway View of Hartzell Turbo-Propeller Feathering CS Prop counterweight

Cutaway View of Hartzell Turbo-Propeller Feathering CS Prop counterweight:
Blade, Spinner Dome, Blade Retention Bearing, Counterweight, Oil, Start Lock Latch, Piston, Spring, Removable Spinner Cap, Low Pitch Stop, Cylinder (Oil Pressure to Reduce Blade Angle and Increse RPM), Air Charge, Hub, Fork, Engine Flange, Mouting Nut, Pitch Change Rod, Shaft O-Ring (N Flange Shown), Spinner Bulkhead.

Huey Helicopter Main Rotor Exploded Diagram

Huey Helicopter Main Rotor Exploded Diagram:
1. Stabilizer Bar Assembly
2. Mixing Lever
3. Pitch Change Link
4. Damper Link Tube
5. Control Tube
6. Stabilizer Support
7. Retaining Nut Lock
8. Retaining Nut
9. Washer
10. Main Rotor
11. Mast
12. Cone Set
13. Stabilizers Dampers
14. Scissors and Sleeve Assembly
15. Swashplate and Support Assembly.

Airplane Engine Reciprocating Diagram and Parts Name

Airplane Engine Reciprocating Diagram and Parts Name: Propeller, thrust direction, external working fluid (air), spark plug, reduction gears, internal working fluid (air), cowling, carburetor, fuel, crankshaft, supercharger impeller, piston, cylinder, valves, exhaust

Solo Aircraft Engine Recoil Parts Diagram

Solo aircraft engine recoil parts diagram:
68. Starter Pawl
76. Ignition Casing
77. Starter Case
67. Ignition Coil
71. Flywheel Assy

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